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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Ashgrove House Points

In Ashgrove Primary we have a House Points System from P1-7 as one of the many ways we celebrate and reinforce positive behaviour choices.  

We have four Houses- Red, Yellow, Blue & Green.  Each house is represented by a different colour.  Family members are placed in the same House.

House Points are awarded for many aspects of school life including:

  • Being kind and considerate;
  • Excellent academic work;
  • Great effort with work;
  • Effort in any aspect of school life;
  • Manners and conduct;
  • Playing fairly;
  • Being helpful and considerate; and
  • Modelling excellent behaviour

House Points are pooled together and counted approximately every 8 weeks and a prize of given to the Winning House... Good Luck everyone!