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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

P6 STEM Challenge

1st Mar 2018

All of P6 recently had a STEM day. We had to make a chariot that would transport Thor securely for 2 metres. The problem was Thor was an egg. We also had to ensure the wheels of the chariot turned as it travelled.

Firstly, we were put into groups. Each group had a mixture of girls and boys from each class. We had to decide on a group name and assign roles to each group member. Then we were given a planning sheet and we had to work together to design our chariot and make a list of the resources we were going to use.

The resource manager from each group then had to go and collect the necessary resources from the front of the stage and the building began. Most of us had to make changes to our design when we were told that chariots should only have two wheels. Our chariots had to be attached to one or two animals. We needed to think carefully about the size of animals we chose. Two metre rulers were laid on the ground so we could test our chariots.

When our time was up, we gathered together to test our chariots against the success criteria. We think our chariots were marvellous.

After lunch we discussed how we worked as groups and what we would do differently if we were to do this activity again. We also gave Mrs Ewing and Mr Morrow ideas for when they do this activity again. We had a fabulous day and used lots of our thinking skills.