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Ashgrove Primary School, Ashgrove Road, Newtownabbey

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Welcome to Ashgrove Primary


A warm welcome!

As the Principal of Ashgrove Primary School I extend to you a very warm welcome to our website.  Through this we aim to give you a flavour of the pastoral and academic success all pupils in our school can experience.  We wish every child to have special and happy memories of their time with us in Ashgrove Primary giving them the skills, attitudes and desire to reach their full potential. 

Recently we have undergone an extensive refurbishment of our school building giving us bright and modern facilities to offer the pupils in our care.  We have included some photographs of our new facilities on our website- be sure to have a look!

Our mission statement is 'Learning, Caring, Growing Stronger Together' As a school we are focused on realising and achieving this potential for every child in our community. 

If you would like to see our school and what we have to offer I would be delighted to speak with you.

Kind regards

Robert Smith


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Our School News!

18th Jan 2019
Today our focus in school was Science and Technology. Pupils were tasked with designing...
18th Jan 2019
Today P1 were making bridges for the 3 Billy Goats to cross the river.  First...
18th Jan 2019
We had lots of fun during our stem day today. We worked in teams to design and build...
15th Jan 2019
Mr Agnew's P7 led today's School Assembly on the theme 'How Special am I!' ...
20th Dec 2018
We have had such a busy and fun few months! Have a look at photos from November and...
19th Dec 2018
P3 didn't let some cold weather stop them today! We put on our hats and coats and...

 "The principal, ably supported by the vice-principal, is providing HIGHLY EFFECTIVE STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP."

(Highest standard available).

ETI Inspection Report 2016

 "Highly positive and child-centred ethos"

ETI Inspection Report 2016

"The STANDARDS the children attain are HIGH."

ETI Inspection Report 2016

"HIGH QUALITY of the work in the books."

ETI Inspection Report 2016

"The children are now involved fully in making decisions including though the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SCHOOL COUNCIL."

ETI Inspection Report 2016

(Highest standard available)


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Upcoming Events & Diary Dates

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
Numeracy Week!
Wednesday, 23rd January 2019
Numeracy Week!
Thursday, 24th January 2019
Numeracy Week!
Friday, 25th January 2019
Numeracy Week!
Saturday, 26th January 2019
AQE Results
Monday, 28th January 2019
P7 Transfer Interviews (Post primary school choices)
Tuesday, 29th January 2019
P7 Transfer Interviews (Post primary school choices)
Wednesday, 30th January 2019
P7 Transfer Interviews (Post primary school choices)
Thursday, 31st January 2019
P7 Transfer Interviews (Post primary school choices)
EA P1 online application portal closes
Tuesday, 5th February 2019
Safer Internet Day!
Thursday, 7th February 2019
Primary 4 Shared Education Day
Primary 5 Shared Education Day
Friday, 8th February 2019
Primary 3 visiting St. Michael's Shared Education
Birth Certificates etc for P1 applications to be in school
Monday, 11th February 2019
P6 Shared Education - School at Sea (Vikings)
Tuesday, 12th February 2019
P7 Shared Education to W5
Thursday, 14th February 2019
School Council Meeting
P2 Shared Education with St Michael's
Monday, 18th February 2019
School CLOSED for Half Term
Tuesday, 19th February 2019
School CLOSED for Half Term
Wednesday, 20th February 2019
School CLOSED for Half Term
Thursday, 21st February 2019
School CLOSED for Half Term
Friday, 22nd February 2019
School CLOSED for Half Term

"Comprehensive safeguarding of the children."

(Highest standard available)

ETI Inspection Report 2016

 "The LESSONS observed during the follow-up process were of a HIGH STANDARD."

ETI Inspection Report 2016 

"FOCUSED CLEARLY on realising the school’s mission statement of ‘Learning, Caring, Growing Stronger Together’."

ETI Inspection Report 2016