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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Ashgrove Primary Board of Governors

The Board of Governors in Ashgrove is made up of a cross section of representatives from our school community.  

The Board of Governors consists of:

  • members representing the owners or former owners of the school
  • parents and teachers who are elected by the parents and teachers associated with the school
  • members of the general public with an interest in education who are appointed by the Department of Education or the Education Authority (EA) in your region.

The role of the Board of Governors is to ensure that the school provides pupils with a good education. The Board of Governors sets the plans and policies of the school, employs the school staff and manages the expenditure of the school budget.


Who are the Board of Governors?


Chairperson of Governors

Mrs Karen Thompson


Vice Chair

Mrs Beryl Johnston


Parent Representatives

Mrs G McDade-Hastings

Mrs Gillian Clotworthy


EA Representatives

Mr Aubrey McCrory


Mrs  Janet Crilly




Transferors Representatives

Mrs Beryl Johnston

Mrs Karen Thompson


Mr Billy Edwards


Teacher Representative

Mrs C Ewing

What do they do?


The Board of Governors play a crucial role in the life of any school.  They should provide:


  • Strategic Management;
  • Constructive challenge; and
  • Accountability


All school Governors are appointed on a voluntary, unpaid capacity. 


Governors should assist the Principal with the smooth running and effective organisation of the school.  They monitor the outcomes of our pupils and hold all staff to account.


Governors assist the Principal in setting and agreeing the priorities for development within the school, these are contained in the School Development Plan.  Governors  also monitor how key leaders work towards achieving these targets and goals.


Governors also monitor the financial expenditure of the school.


How do I contact the Governors?


In general, parents would usually approach the Governors via the Principal.  Your first port of call for most issues in school will naturally be the class teacher.


If you wish to raise a concern or a complaint it is important you follow the Complaints Procedure as set out by the school.


Many Governors, especially the Chairperson and Parent Representatives are in and about school on a regular basis.