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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

P5L Philosophy for Kids

10th Nov 2017

P5s are great at philosophy!

Firstly we read a poem called 'Complacency' which is about a group of boys who bully another child.

Then we were all given post-its and we wrote what we thought about the poem. The poem gave us lots to think about and we stuck our post-it onto the page.

Everyone then shared their thoughts and we talked about the poem and how it made us feel. We also thought about how the boy in the poem must have felt too.

After that we worked in pairs to come up with thought-provoking open-ended questions ... we could ask these to the writer, the gang of bullies or the target of the bullies. We wrote these on whiteboards and we generated some really interesting questions.

As a class we then discussed the best questions and our answers showed that we had really thought hard about the contents of the poem.

To finish off we were all given another post-it and we wrote down our final thoughts which reflected on what we had discussed.

It was a very enjoyable introduction to philosophy for kids and we all did it brilliantly!